The Behavioral Analysis Model allows you to compare TIME & PRICE PREDICTIONS against your own Elliott Wave counts, Gann cycles, Fibonacci projections, Technical Analysis, or Fundamental Analysis

  • Global in Scope
  • Domestic and Global Stock Index and Stock Index Futures
  • Metals, Energy, Softs, Grains, Currencies and Crypto

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What Our Peers Are Saying

“I have known and worked with Jim Savoldi for many years, and what I find most impressive about his work is the uniqueness of his approach. His Behavioral Analysis Model seems to repeatedly predict unusual and surprising market moves – in many different markets, from orange juice, wheat, crude oil and stocks, to name a few. These forecasts often prove correct long before the main-stream economists and other macro market observers join in. Keep doing what you are doing.”

-Howard Winell, The Winell Report / Winner Market Timer of the Year

“I have often mentioned BAM Investor citing the analysis of this company for some of my beliefs.  With  permission, I will reveal one of his most extrordinary predictions of 2016. This is one concerning the ETF, JNUG which multiplies by 3 the movement of Junior mining stocks.  On June 3, 2016 he (JG Savoldi) predicted a “melt-up” between June 28 and July 14, which proved accurate to the day.  On July 14 JNUG saw the high fractal touch of $303 before falling violently to consolidate at $200 last week”