An Interview with JG Savoldi

Below you will find the audio of an interview with the developer of the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model. You can either listen to the entire call or specific questions. To download any of the audio, simple right click the ‘download’ link and “save as” to your computer.

Section 1

Does the model have a predictive bias; is it better at shorts or longs?

Section 2

An analogy about how the model functions.

Section 3

When the market is not tracking the model, is there a knee jerk reaction to get back in line with the model? Specifics about the timing of the model.

Section 4

What can we do to maximize gains and profits, what kind of instruments can we use?

Section 5

Will the model be completely wrong about the crash, is there a time constraint? Explaining the 4x rule.

Section 6

When you are in shorts early and are losing money do you use stops? An explanation of “investing” with the BAM model.

Section 7

Can the BAM service give indications of intensity, precision and duration of the Crash Alerts?

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Behavioral Analysis of Markets

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