January 30 Sell Trigger in Force

The BAM-VI triggered a sell signal at the open on January 30 at the DJIA cash 26164.45 level and is now predicting a fast-market decline into the Tier-2 trigger at 25692.  Once that level sees contact and a wobble, we’ll be looking for a fast market attack of the Tier-3 trigger at 23757, followed by […]

New DJIA Trigger Level

The new “short below/flat above” level for the BAM-VI Position Trader Model is 25,105.96 as of 11:55am PST on 1/4/18.  We also have an indication that either 1/5 or 1/10 would be the most likely date for us to be looking for a stock index TOP. Behavioral Analysis of Markets

DJIA Sell Signal Triggered on December 15th @ 3:45 pm EST

The BAM-VI is now “short below/flat above 24,688.62 moving forward.  This is, according to everything I’m monitoring, the biggest bubble advance of my lifetime.  Niether the 2000 TOP or the 2007 TOP looked as bearish as this looks to me today.   The sell trigger hit with the DJIA cash trading at 24,665 @ 3:45 […]

BAM Bitcoin Forecasting Service Starts TODAY !!

If after reading this post, you would like more detailed information about the model’s TIME and PRICE bitcoin forecast, please join us at a DEEP DISCOUNT by becoming a BITCOIN subscriber FOUNDING MEMBER TODAY! The BAM Bitcoin Model has been one of the most accurate models we have ever made public and that accuracy was again […]

DJIA 24,400 Melt-Up Target Hit

I first brought this chart (below) to the attention of subscribers back in November 2016.  At the time, it seemed a little crazy, but markets tend to do odd things every 7-10 years and I thought it was worth mentioning.  And as my short-term data continued to look worse and worse–as if some big surprise […]

BAM Stock Index Model Predicting Largest Nov-Dec Percentage Decline in History

The massive stock index price inversion that has unfolded since March 2017, has created a situation whereby the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model is now predicting the worst percentage price decline in history during the seasonally bullish months of November-December.  Over the last 100 years, November has averaged a gain of about .66% and December […]

BAM-VI Sell Trigger Now at DJIA cash 23,602.12

The BAM-VI Model is now short under DJIA cash 23,602.12 on a rolling 60 min bar closing basis moving forward.  The stock index model is predicting severe weakness this week and into 11/21 as well as into December.   The Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model has triggered a series of the most powerful sell signals […]

Dow Jones Transportation Average Flashing Warning

This is a low probability set up (as are all fast-market melt-up or crash set ups) but I recently noticed the very dangerous trajectory (10/13-10/16) off the TOP in the DJTA.    Our model flags 11/3 through 11/7 as most vulnerable to a fast-market event and if it were to unfold, we could see an […]

Stock Index Model Update

The stock market inverted during the October crash window and the high-velocity decline created what appears to be a blow-off TOP.  The result of this price-action is that the BAM Stock Index Model remains short off the DJIA 23,485.25 TOP and the model is now predicting a fast market decline during the 11/3—11/8 window w/ […]

BAM-VI Sell Trigger @ 23,485.25

Per our post on Linkedin, the BAM Stock Index Position Trader Model is now short again and we will use DJIA cash 23,485.25 as our trigger.  This trigger is active on a rolling 60 minute bar closing basis moving forward.   Additional triggers:   Tier 1= 23,318 @ 9 MHP Tier 2= 22,775 Tier 3= […]

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