Stock Market TOP Predicted Today

The Stock Index Model has been expecting strength into this week’s ZOS (7/11–7/15) and we now think that a major TOP is being formed today.


If correct, and if the stock market continues to track the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model, we’ll see an immediate plunge in price– carrying indexes back to/through the June low as early as 7/22 but no later than 7/28ish.


The nature of the predicted decline would be crash-like w/ fast-market attack levels (retests) for the ES Futures are located at:


2085, 2036, 1991, 1929, 1889, 1844, and 1833.


The current BAM-VI (Break/Acceleration) trigger levels stands at DJIA cash 18387 and that will serve as our “short below/flat above” trigger level for our Position Trader Model next week.


Please either subscribe or check back for future predictions as we will have an updated forecast on 7/28 which will determine if any new all-time highs are expected in any of the stock indexes.*


*Any future short-term updates will not change the BAM Stock Index Model’s forecast for a stock index BEAR MARKET carrying prices back below the 2009 low as we trade into 2018-2019.


Good luck!