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S&P 500 Giving Strongest Indications of BEAR Market

The Behavioral Analysis of Markets SPX Model is signaling a major TOP with the strongest indications in many years that a BEAR market is currently underway.  The first downside target is SPX 2110 (a required retest level per our work).


Please keep in mind that the process of triggering a signal as strong as the sell signal currently observed, has spanned many decades.  It is a signal driven by natural long-term forces that create emotional responses within human beings– and not any particular current political events.  These types of events only occur every 80-120 yrs.


Adding to my already strong conviction that this forecasts has a high probability of being proven correct, is the recent behavior by financial market professionals–in this case a couple of men that contacted me through Linkedin.  When I am attacked for simply posting the predictive results* of my model, I know we’ve entered a highly emotional phases.   I expect this type of nonsense on Twitter (that’s why I have a private account for serious market participants) but this is a new phenomenon on Linkedin.


*This forecast has nothing to do with any opinion.  It is based 100% on the signals derived from my Behavioral Analysis Model.


On a positive note, the Natural Gas Model is very bullish and we are buyers of UGAZ in the 10.75–12.25 range with targets at 36 and higher.  We also like SNAP on pullbacks as the model is predicting a new bull phase with the potential for 100% PLUS gains.  Finally, we’re very bullish wheat down here at a multi year low and have accumulated that commodity.