S&P 500 TOP Predicted on 11/22

The stock indexes tracked the BAM model–plunging 1000pts from high to low during election night–and we’ve now seen higher levels on a not-so-rare “inversion” leg over the past two weeks.


Inversions, per our work, are expected to see violent unwinding moves as they are associated (most frequently) with “false breakouts” within expanding patterns.  If this is the case currently, and we believe that it is, then we should see a violent move off today’s high (19016.54 intraday as I write) back to the downside over the coming weeks on a seasonally odd fast-market decline.


Assuming the market tracks the Behavioral Analysis of Market’s Model, we would see an “A-TOP” formation today followed by a sharp 7% decline or more during the coming several weeks.


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