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Historic Stock Market Crash is at Hand

The relentless financial market intervention that started at the 2009 stock market low has (according to our model) created the most dangerous situation since 1929.


And although I could write a long-winded article about how this price set up was created, I’m going to simply post charts with price forecasts and let you all search the internet for potential fundamental problems that might fit the type of decline my model is calling for.


As you view the charts below, please think about the public arrogance displayed by certain market participants and remember that the most dangerous portfolio managers of past decades have, in retrospect, proven to be the ones that were too arrogant to consider that they might, possibly, be wrong about their macro assumptions.


Assuming that global stock markets track the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model as they did from 2007–2009, the master’s of the universe will undoubtedly blame the multi-year crash on a “Black Swan” while the rest of us–using nothing more than observational skills and a little common sense–will know otherwise…