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World’s First Mobile App that PREDICTS S&P 500 Intra-day Price Movement

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—The Behavioral Analysis Model predicts the intraday “zones of strength” and “zones of weakness” for the S&P 500.  It then generates data points in terms of pacific standard time and provides our admin panel view—


—The admin panel then transmits the data to the client’s mobile app displaying the chart in exchange time, PST, EST, CST, or MST as well as their choice of either chart—


…“Theme – 1”


 …or “Theme – 2” 




 –Here are today’s actual tracking results in EST–




5-16-14– Our first day of Beta testing, all but two zones tracked the model, with one zone of weakness only 3 minutes off a turning point low, one zone of weakness only 1 minute off the session low, and one zone of strength (12:12pst/3:12est) posting a precise hit on a high—down to the exact minute!







Client Case Study – WHEAT

This client owns a large farm in South Dakota.  He rotates crops from time to time, but back in 2012 he had just harvested a large wheat crop and he came to us to help him decide whether he would sell the wheat into a market trading at a five-year low, or hold out and “hope” for better prices.  He first heard about the Behavioral Analysis Model through a mutual friend and decided to contact us for advice.

The following represents actual email exchanges and charts sent to the client as the Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model generated real-time data that guided our forecast.  The model was predicting a major low in wheat and the client used that information to help make a better decision with respect to storage of his wheat.  Waiting five months to liquidate his wheat allowed the client to sell his harvest at a 50% premium above commodity market prices when he came to us for help.

Feb 22, 2012

“Please tell Phil that the “buy zone” was reached (see attached chart) on that 2/21 sell-off and we don’t need to see any further weakness during 2/23.  Looks up, up, and away from here.”

Feb 29, 2012

“Things look great.  Wheat is tracking the model nicely and I’d expect that accuracy to continue.  I’ll keep an eye on it and continue to update the original chart  from time to time.”




March 13, 2012

“Updated chart for Phil.  New zones of strength and everything is on course to see higher levels during March-April.”



March 16, 2012

“No chart update needed.  Please tell Phil everything looks perfect and I think wheat is about to explode to the upside and hit our April target early.  This looks very, very bullish.”

March 23, 2012

“Stubborn trading action but it should resolve on upside according to model.  Chart attached.”




April 16, 2012

“Wheat should have been able to rally more sharply into last week.  Odds now favor a decline back toward 580 level if they can’t get back above 650 quickly this week.  Still thinking it will be at current levels or higher into May and will keep you posted.”

April 26, 2012

“It looks to me like wheat survived the final bear window without breaking the Dec 2011 low, and the model is now very bullish into May and probably even June.  We’ll soon find out.”




May 11, 2012

“No chart, but model is triggering strong buy signals on this pullback and looks very bullish during May.  Think it will be right back at 635 early next week and then continue higher into June.”

May 16, 2012

“Tell Phil it looks like it will lock limit up here during May and into June”

May 20, 2012

“The melt-up that the model has been anticipating is here in full-force, and the next targets are 7.65-8.00 into mid June.”




May 29, 2012

“Updated chart for Phil.  Everything still looks good, and I’m expecting higher levels into mid/late June.”

June 27, 2012

“Hope you’re enjoying the weather!   What is good for us, is bad for wheat (but good for Phil).  No change in model.  Wheat remains very bullish as it tracks the model to the upside here during June, and I’ll let Phil know if anything changes.”